John Jordan Photography


In June of 1995, Cassie and I arrived at the Beijing airport in our customary mode of travel; each of us with a backpack and me with my camera bag and 80 or so rolls of film. We had no definite plans but a few tentative itineraries devised from readings and conversations with others. A main goal of ours was to visit Tibet. As we made our way west via the Chinese rail system, our chances became more positive. With the help of CITS (a Chinese travel service), we were able to expedite the customary red tape and gain entry. The experience was truly enchanting. The Tibetans are a gentle people as religion is paramount in their lives. We witnessed the migration of pilgrims from monastery to monastery and the ever present sign of respect given to us by so many of them.

Returning in 1997, we entered through Katmandu in Nepal. In two years time, drastic changes occurred. Large resort type hotels were being built in Lhasa and the Tibetan guides were being replaced by Chinese Nationals. Many of the kiosks were no longer run by Tibetans and more had taken to begging. We were however, a bit freer to move about Lhasa. Rather than document these changes (Mobil has an office before the Potala Palace complete with its Pegasus logo) I dug deeper to grab what was left of the real culture and what I feel could be very well wiped out in the next generation to come.

Pictures of Tibet


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