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Black and White:

All prints are made on fiber based, double weight paper, processed to archival standards then mounted and over matted on acid-free
conservation board. The hand process is carried out by me personally in my darkroom. All are 11 x 14 on 16 x 20 mats.


As obtaining and disposing of Ilfochrome (formally Cibachrome) materials has become more difficult, I began to have original slides scanned and printed digitally on Fuji Crystal Archive paper that is processed chemically. The files prior to printing approach 60 megabytes in size. The prints are mounted and over matted on non buffered rag board. Sizing is 11 x 14 on 16 x 20 mats with other sizes available.

Recently, I have been using an Epson 3880 printer to make prints from files shot with digital cameras. I see potential in this as an exhibition medium for color prints captured either digitally or scanned from slides and offer prints that are archival with proper mats and overmats.

I continue to make black and white prints traditionally beginning with film capture and culminating with darkroom printing.


At the time of purchase, prints can be framed under glass in Nielsen aluminum frames.

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On location portrait sittings, product photography etc available.
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